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Graphic and souvenir design contest

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The Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” announces an international Contest with two divisions – projects for graphic design and souvenir design. Its purpose – to enhance the University’s visibility and popularity on both national and global scale.


The application has to communicate a strong and clear positive image of the academic institution and to have an engaging capacity for partners, colleagues, guests, visitors and other addressees not affiliated with the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (hereinafter referred to as the University).

The project should offer all students and employees of the University a strong identification within a unified academic community, celebrating this very year the 125th Anniversary of the University’s founding with the official slogan of the campaign “Knowledge creates strength”.


The applications must strive for a creative balance between the notions that:

  • the University is the oldest, the most stable and outstanding institution of higher education in Bulgaria, with established traditions and international renown,

but also that

  • it is a young university, full of vigorous and active students and lecturers; a university fully integrated in the global scientific and scholarly innovation processes and open to the world;

Playful and auto-ironic elements in the proposed projects are highly appreciated as the aim of the Contest is not oriented towards formal, solemn, pathetic and ceremonial forms. The official logo of the University is not required to be part of the project design.


All candidates are free to participate in one or both divisions of the Contest as follows:

1. Graphic Design – consistent system of signs with a clear and unique message, fully encompassing the University’s character. It is required that the visual design has to be applied on a cup or mug, a pen, a t-shirt and a bag AND on at least one more advertising product of the candidate’s choice.

2. Creation of experimental and creative products (souvenirs), attractive for all target groups and instrumental for their emotional engagement.


1. For the Graphic Design Division:

The innovativeness and experimentation character, as well as the good sense of humour will be among the chief obligatory criteria for selection. Without loosing the sense of the University’s authority and importance, the project applications ought to create an image considerably more youth-oriented and open to new ideas. This will facilitate the present and future students recognition as an integral part of a common academic community, thus the project proposals’ aim is to offer different possibilities for identification and emotional connection with the University.

2. For the Souvenir Design Division:

Again, the selection criteria will consist from the creativity and quality of the design idea/s (75% of the final rating), as well as from the approximate commercial cost price of its/their realization (25% of the final rating). The concrete project proposal has to include the means for seamless adaptation for other products and/or materials, thus ensuring its development in time as evolving advertising series.

In both divisions within the project assessment process particular attention will be given to ideas directly relating to the Sofia University’s specific character.



First place award– 4,000.00 BGN (approximately 2,000.00 €)


Two incentive awards – at total amount of 2,000.00 BGN (approximately 1,000.00 €).




  • The Contest is open for participation with entirely original projects to individuals and non-formal collectives, as well as to legal entities. It is aimed not only towards advertising agencies, design studios and independent graphic designers, but also at all artists, authors and interdisciplinary teams, capable of offering graphic and product scenarios with a clear cultural and experimental character and the ability to ensure the initiative’s recognition.
  • All individual participants must be 18 years of age.
  • All individuals or legal entities can participate in the Contest with up to three projects, in the creation of which she was involved.


  • The project must be created by the participant applying in the Contest. If in its creation were involved more than one person or legal entity, all its authors are obliged to participate in the application;
  • All copyright and other intellectual property rights of the project in its entirety or of any parts of it have to be held by the applicant/s and not by third parties;
  • The project must be created solely for the purposes of the Contest;
  • The project must not have been displayed in public in any way before the start of the Contest;
  • The project is deemed eligible only when it is submitted complete with all required documents.



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  • electronically by email at or
  • in hard copy on address: Sofia University Cultural Centre, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Moskovska Str. 49, cabinet 27, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria]