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Sense of a city

15.02.2013 11:40 No comments


Sofia Architecture Week and Transformatori Association present

Sense of a city
Film of Ljubo Georgiev, Jord den Hollander (2012, Bugaria/Netherlands, 4 episodes, 25’ each)
A production of Sofia Architecture Week in partnership with Open Society Institute Sofia

February 21
19:00 ep.1 и ep.2
20:00 Discussion

February 28
19:00 ep.3 и ep.4
20:00 Discussion

How do you perceive the city you inhabit? What kind of architecture are you surrounded with? We asked these questions to different Sofia citizens. They invited us in their homes and showed us their favourite places in the city. The result is a documentary, which shows the perceptions of twelve of the citizens of a metropolis.

ADDRESS: Hristo Smirnenski 1, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, the entrance is from the left side of the new building