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Sofia Architecture Week in Abitare China

28.02.2013 13:01 No comments

In 2012 Sofia Architecture Week expanded its content by welcoming for a first time a Chinese curator - not least than the world famous artist and architectural critic and curator Fang Zhenning himself! Lecturers in the Asian BOOM panel in 2012 werе Jiakun Liu (video presentation) from China, Minsuk Cho from Korea, Chuytin Architects from Israel, Yoshi Yamazaki from Japan and it was evaluated by the audience as one of the most interesting ones. The contact with Fang Zhenning gave birth to several other projects which we hope to see conducted soon!

Main partner in our contact with Mr.Fang was the Bulgarian and the Chinese teams of Abitare Magazine. We honour our parners and share with pride our participation in the December issues of Abitare China and Case da Abitare. We believe it's a recognition for EDNO's hard work and professionalism as well as a stimulus to prepare for our audience even more interesting and rich program in 2013 - coming soon!