Contemporary Urban Archeology

„Contemporary Urban Archeology“ is a project for identifying and mapping the places suitable for cultural events in all the 24 districts of Sofia Municipality.
Places such as community centers and  schools are neglected and underestimated, buildings are deserted, monuments and other potential spots are destroyed. Meanwhile, the cultural industries find themselves in desperate need for places where they can run their activities.
The project looked at places which have never before been pinned on an accessible map, many of which are hidden and neglected. Among them are educational and cultural centers, museums, theatres, galleries, cinemas, concert halls, work stations, open spaces, parks, sport facilities, etc.
The result is a database of the existing and potential culture places within Sofia Municipality. The gathered information is available online.
The database is meant for cultural managers, producers or artists, the administration of Sofia Municipality, citizens, parents and their children, students and companies – everyone looking familiar and new challenging places to create or enjoy culture.
The project was implemented by Sofia Foundation for Culture and Arts, along with “Transformatori” association, with the partner support of Association for Development of Sofia, Culture Desk Foundation, Sofia Architecture Week 2012, and with the financial support of Sofia Municipality programme “Culture”.