“Cultural Embassies in Kapana” is a pilot project which initiates for the first time the establishment of foreign cultural institute consulates in Plovdiv. For the period of three months – July, August, and November – EDNO Foundation’s exhibition space will host cultural events organized by some of the embassies and institutes in the capital. The institutions that responded to the call are: The Embassy of Belgium, with the exhibition of Belgian comics artist Marc Sleen; the Polish Institute with an exhibition ofart posters and screenings of contemporary Polish plays; and the Czech Center with an exhibition ofcontemporary Czech design, and,  together with the cultural organization Pozor, will also makescreenings of the popular documentary Biting Docs. The project presents the Plovdiv audience with three totally new cultural highlights; it offers new ways to establish a dialogue with these countries; it encourages the popularization of contemporary projects included in their event calendar outside the capital and poses the question of establishing permanent consulates in Kapana as part of the idea togive Kapana – Creative Industries District an international dimension.

 “Cultural Embassies inKapana” is implemented within “Kapana – Creative Industries District” project with the financial support of Plovdiv 2019 Municipal Foundation.

July -

The Adventures of Nero and Co is a humorous and optimistic series written for the wide audience. With much enthusiasm and vivid imagination, Marc Sleen tells the story of the adventures of a slightly nutty company whose main character is Nero. Unlike other Belgian comic characters such as Tintin and Lucky Luke, Nero is not a real “hero”. He is an ordinary man, who likes to idle away his time by reading the newspaper in his comfortable couch, eating French fries and drinking beer. His philosophy of life is “I wish I was a volcano. Then I could sit still and smoke and everybody would say: “Look, he's working again!”. However, due to the circumstances, Nero constantly finds himself unthinkable situations and adventure is always just around the corner. The exhibition shows not only Marc Sleen's fictional and linguistic talents but also his strong interest in nature, wildlife and safari, evidence for which is his work as administrator of WWF – Beglium.

Marc Sleen is one of the pioneers in Belgian comics that have played a major role in the development of comic art in Europe. His cartoons of over 200 The Adventures of Nero and Co comic books have earned him a place in Guinness World Book of Records.


August -

Polish theater is the highlight of the second project included in EDNO’s “Cultural Embassies in Kapana” program.

2015 in Poland was announced as the Year of Polish Theater – it marks 250 years since the first theatrical performance there. To celebrate the occasion, EDNO, in partnership with Polish Institute, has chosen to show an art poster exhibition by Prof. Lech Majewski and three shows of the Teatroteka cycle – screen versions of “young” Polish theater.

Prof. Lech Majewski’s name is known all over the world – he is one of the most distinguished representatives of the Polish art school, working in the field of book design. He has been a jury member in the International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia; he is also the designer of the Polish Institute logo and the covers of several Polish anthologies published in Bulgarian by the Polish Institute in Sofia. In addition, Prof. Lech Majewski is a laureate of many prizes for poster design.

The Teatroteka cycle is a project of the Warsaw Documentary Film Studio. The project aims to use the potential of film technology to make footage of the most interesting achievements of “young” Polish theater. The style of contemporary plays is totally different form classical drama. Moreover, the new generation of playwrights creates its own original language and invests contemporary drama with problems that are of interest to young people and their way of perceiving the surrounding world. Young Polish Theater deserves to be popularized among a wider circle of audience, which is what this educational project aims.

We are showing three contemporary Polish plays: 

The Suitcase directed by Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski (68 min., subtitles) is a story about a French man who sees his father’s suitcase, an object from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Musem, at an exhibition at the Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris. This finding causes a great change in his life.

Valentina directed by Wojciech Faruga (55 min., subtitles) is a story about one of the most famous and enigmatic women of the 20th Century – Valentina Tereshkova, the textile-factory worker chosen by Nikita Khrushchev to be the first woman to fly in space. After she returns to the Earth, she becomes one of the most prominent and famous figures of the USSR. 

Cukier Stanik directed by Agata Puszcz (85 min., subtitles) is about an aging master-tailor and his sister – the owners of a corset atelier called “Cukier Stanik” – resort to alternative methods in order to beat the competition – cheap Chinese bras. 
They are about to face the forces of evil, or in other words – the Supermarket, represented by the senior security guard – Madame Kapò.