Delrevés / Guateque

The Guateque performance took place on 23rd of September 2012 and gathered more than 3000 people who witnessed a spectacle of world-class. The high attendance of the event can be explained with the facts that it was without an entry fee and took place outdoors. On the other hand the credits go to the essence and the nature of the spectacle itself. 
 Guateque is a contemporary dance, performed in the air, inspired by the common question “Why do we go to parties?” The natural movement of the dancers in the air harmonized with the specially designed audio-visual environment. The interaction between the dancers and the video projection blurred the boundary between the reality of the live presence of the artists and the virtual reality of the projection which documented the current live performance “on stage”. Mixing real and unreal activated the perceptions of the spectators and stimulated their imagination. The music environment, devised by intermingling electronic sounds, live instruments and voices contributed to the intimate energy of the spectacle. After its end, flying lanterns, which were lit and released into the air, were given to the audience.
Delrevés is a company for vertical dance, founded in Barcelona by Saioa Fernandez and Eduardo Torres, which started its artistic activities in mid 2007. Eduardo is training martial arts, after that he turns to contemporary dance and later specializes in vertical dance. Saioa chooses this genre after theatre and contemporary dance.
Delrevés performances aesthetics brings together different artistic practices, as contemporary and vertical dance, music, digital arts, theatre, using the architecture as a stage environment.