Effects are causes. Means are ends. Capital creates labour, information – events, works – art. End points are points of departure. The utopias of the past now simulate themselves. Their realisation was also their end. Their attractive power used to derive from their inherent sense of doom and impossibility. Today, there are no utopias because everything is possible.

Great ideological conflicts are a phenomenon of the past. The world has reached some vicious and peremptory form of consensus. A dictatorial equilibrium that imposes the wholesome rules of rationality. Every process leads to a result, every idea immanently contains its own realisation. According to Baudrillard, “Events will not go any further than what their anticipated sense, their programming, and their diffusion allows.”

Everything is within our reach - immediate, instantaneous, possible. Paradoxically enough, this age of opportunities tied our hands, it castrated our desires. The loss of the impossible has brought us to an impasse.

ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2014 seeks the architecture that sees beyond itself. The festival provokes “impossible” situations, questioning conventional practices, on the one hand, and communicating the idea of bringing back the impossible as a category, on the other. It is an attempt to create a laboratory environment isolated from expectations, restrictions and models. A vacuum, in which only ideas and the components of the experiment are present. The festival blurs professional boundaries and establishes connections where there were none. By rethinking architecture as a cultural matter, the festival draws the attention to fundamental issues of contemporary culture.

Svetoslav Michev, Stefan Minkov and Hristo Stankushev