Many are surprised to learn that the Maritsa River runs through three countries and through several big cities: Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Dimitrovgrad, Edirne and Alexandroupoli. Representatives of these cities will talk about the interaction with the Maritsa River and outline common issues.

When: Stage at Maritsa In case of rain the event will take place at the Romfeia Gallery, 83 Martisa Blvd. (under the pedestrian bridge, on the northern site)

Where: 25.09; 18.90-20.00

Language: English and Bulgaria


Pazardzhik joins the discussion with a story about the local Plus Fest, which took place for the first time in September 2014. Created by a group of enthusiasts, Plus Fest brings together concerts, workshops, art installations and many other different activities.

SVILENGRAD (Svilengrad Municipality)

Svilengrad is situated almost at the cross point of three countries, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.The relationship of the city with Maritsa is marked by the Old Bridge, Mustafa Pasha, built in 1529 and by now a symbol of the city.



In Edirne, Maritsa is known mostly for the floods and the refugees, who die on the way to Europe. Still, the river constitutes a highly used public space in the city.



The Greek city of Alexandroupoli is not only a port from where you can take the ferry to the island of Samothrace, but also a city located some kilometers away from the delta of the Maritsa River.

PLOVDIV (Plovdiv Municipality)

Over the last few years, Plovdiv’s Municipality has announced its intentions to invest in Maritsa’s riverfront. A technical research was commissioned, which gave rise to ideas of changing the river bed. Part of the river is also included in one of the plans for Integrated Urban Development.