There is a number of organizations in Bulgaria, whose aim is to inform and raise public awareness about urban environmental issues. With varying, yet conspicuous, success these groups are starting to influence municipalities’ and private investors' plans.

Where: Stage at Maritsa

When: 24.09; 18.30 - 19.30

Language: Bulgarian, no translation




The people from the online citizens’ initiative Save Sofia, who are always following closely each blunder made by the Sofia Municipality, are holding a debate about the role of the civil society in establishing a better and more humane urban environment. They believe that citizens can serve as both corrective and generator of ideas.


IDEAS FACTORY (Yanina Takeva)

“Ideas Factory” are a group of young people who are trying to establish a relation between play and social change. They aim to get more and more people interested in the processes of making decisions, social entrepreneurship and civic education.

Their projects include: “Challenge for a social change” (an experiment-competition for solving specific local issues), EMPATHEAST (a social innovation forum), “Residence Baba” (elderly people from villages help young people to acquire forgotten skills).

GRUPA GRAD (Dimitar Paskalev)

Grupa Grad Association follows closely the major projects of the City of Sofia. The architects from “Grupa Grad” are well-known for their citizens’ initiatives and urge for more transparent practices of commissioning and selecting planners for public development projects.