ONE DANCE WEEK is a festival for contemporary dance and performance. Its 7th edition this year will take place between August 28 and September 6, in Plovdiv. The program is structured into modules which encompass all aspects of the dance environment – from introduction of the youngest audience through training, making, perceiving and discussing this kind of art.


Every year the festival presents some of the most up-to-date and progressive dance companies and choreographers from the global dance scene, demonstrating the various trends in contemporary dance.


The module ‘puts on display’ the current developments in the Bulgarian dance scene. It offers foreign programmers and international festival directors the best of local dances, and helps popularize Bulgarian contemporary dance abroad and dynamize the market for this kind of art. In addition, it aims to bridge the gap between Bulgarian artists and the audiences.

The module was launched in 2013 and the members of the festival’s team consider it to play a vital part in the festival program, as well as stimulating the local scene and space.


It started as a separate module in 2012. The program includes not only shows for children but also dance ateliers that introduce the youngest audience to the contemporary dance genre. In 2013, the program was extended by presenting two kids dance shows and twice as much dance ateliers. 


The organization of an open air event has already become the festival’s trade mark. And the event planned for this year is still a surprise!


The module aims to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the concept of dance and trigger the viewer’s perception. It started in 2012 and its primary goal was to familiarize the audience with the makers of contemporary dance and the great dance masterpieces by introducing a series of documentaries on internationally famous performers, choreographers, and shows.


The module aims to develop the professional scene.


Lectures, discussions, and talks with the audience.

The SOFIA DANCE WEEK festival started in 2008 as the only forum in the country entirely devoted to contemporary dance – one of the most rapidly developing genres in contemporary art that knows no boundaries between techniques, art forms and aesthetics, that turns rules and roles upside down and makes the impossible possible - which is what constitutes its bold and attractive gesture. Over the past six years, the festival presented some of the most interesting phenomena in the sphere of contemporary dance practices, including performances from Europe, Asia and America, which show different dance trends. For the first time this year, the international festival will be held in Plovdiv. For this reason, the festival changes its name to ONE DANCE WEEK, while Plovdiv will become the center of all the festivals from the ONE platform – ONE DANCE WEEK, ONE DESIGN WEEK, and ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK.

Among the artists who have performed at the festival are Pierre Rigal (France), Gunilla Heilborn (Sweden), Barbora Látalová (the Czech Republic), Liquid Loft (Austria), Ryu, Seok Hun (Korea), 2Faced Dance Company (England), Geon, Hyuk Jin (Korea), Hiroaki Umeda (Japan), Thomas Noone Dance (Spain), Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria), Compagnie Alias (Switzerland), Lee, Yun Kyung & Ryu, Seok Hun (Korea), Ultima Vez (Belgium), Del Revés (Spain), Compagnie 111 (France),Compania Sharon Fridman (Spain), Gauthier Dance (Germany), Brice Leroux (Belgium), Peridance Dance Company (USA), etc.