Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company

  • Gateway Kung Fu Dance
  • China
  • August 28 and 29 


August 28, 20:00 h. || Boris Hristov House of Culture

August 29, 21:30 h. || Boris Hristov House of Culture

Tickets @ Eventim: 10/ 15 BGN

About the company:

The Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company was founded in 2006 by the world famous Kung Fu star Jackie Chan. The company’s style combines traditional Chinese martial arts with contemporary dance techniques and combat practices which are influenced by Chan’s unique acrobatic fighting style known from his movies. The Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company includes performers from some of the most renowned Kung Fu groups in China such as Shaolin Kung Fu Monk Corps and Chinese Shenwu Cultural Communication Company – companies with long experience that demonstrate the remarkable combat skills of their members.

Martial arts hold an honorable place in China. One the one hand, they are recognized as a traditional sport, on the other, as a valuable cultural heritage that has been preserved throughout the centuries. The Contemporary Dragon KungFu Company aims to preserve tradition and give a sense of continuity between the generations. Its work is inspired by the ideas of freedom, the spirit of the age, the constant change and social dynamics. The company’s performances use the techniques of contemporary dance arts by combining the past and the present as seen from a modern perspective. Dragon KungFu’s practice is an attempt to interpret traditional culture in the light of contemporary arts in China.

About the performance:

Gateway fascinates with its philosophical depth, physical endurance, and the performers’ remarkable acrobatic skills. The title carries a number of meanings - door, entrance, and pathway, while the performance itself represents a theatrical play consisting of three levels which the dancers have to complete. The prize of every level and moving further ahead in the game depends on the door which the player chooses. Every door leads to a new situation and tasks to be accomplished. The show is performed by 11 dancers who have to pass through 5 different stories and so change the turn of events, the setting, and the dance vocabulary.

The stories: 1. Stone gives voice to time. 2. Trees are a flowing form of life. 3. Shadows seize the mind. 4. Dreams take shape in fire. 5. Limitations liberate us.

“The opening and closing of doors are the most significant actions of man's life. What a mystery lies in doors!                                                                              
Which one of us has not sat in some ante-room and watched the inscrutable panels of a door that was full of meaning?”

(On Doors, Christopher Morley).     


Duration: 72 min., no intermission

Director: Liu Lu

Music Director: Zou Hang

Stage Set Designer: Guo Xin

Costume Designer: A Kuan

Choreography: Liu Lu, Tang Jianfeng, Li Wen, Liu Wen, Li Chao, Hu Mingwu

Dancers: Yang  Ao, Cao Jialong, Guo Kai, Liu Changjiang, Hu Mingwu, Su Xiaolong, Su Jingjing, Zhao Xi, Zhao Zhonawen, Huang Qijun, Xina Shishi

Year: 2013

The performance is part of ONE DANCE WEEK thanks to the partnership of Lidl Bulgaria.