Manifesto 2014


We are all nomads. Armed with wireless computers and phones, today we are everywhere at all times. We are at home when we enter the World Wide Web. This freedom injects the impulse to be constantly on the move, always ready to change the place - new house, new city, new country... new continent. Our nomadic style of life affects the way our homes and work spaces look, it affects the food we eat, our social contacts and means of communication, the way we rest. 

Being nomad defines our whole life. It changes the status quo in business, politics and the media. It alters the way the modern community functions altogether. Our new needs call for new concepts for all kinds of things, services and spaces.

This is how nomads step into the spotlight of design and drive it to search and experiment. Together with innovative design solutions supporting the nomadic rhythm of life, interdisciplinary projects and collaborations are conceived between designers and artists and researchers across the globe. Important now is also the very location we settle in - its specifics, history and potential become subject of analysis.

Design events nowadays are becoming ever more popular in their role as platforms for creative solutions and debate on current and very distinct in their nature design philosophies. Sometimes, as in our case, even the event itself may change in the nomadic spirit - new name, new location. See you in Plovdiv!

The team of 

One Design Week