- 3D printing

- 8 artists

- B2N's lab

Eight artists working in different spheres of art and design take a step out of the familiar grounds of their everyday work to experiment with new technologies. They are: Wolfram (lighting design), funkt (architecture studio), tochka&tochka (porcelain), Archabits (architecture studio), Svetlana Mircheva (contemporary art), Victor Pavlov (jewelry), Katerina Serbezova (jewelry) and Conveyer (architecture studio). At B2N's 3D printing lab they are all welcome to play with their ideas, model and eventually print the designs using one of the four available machines. There are limitless options for shape, and materials range from office paper to thermoplastic powder and strong organic plastics to nylon.

The exhibition aims to demonstrate the wide spectrum of possibilities that 3D printing technologies offer, inviting artists and designers to break new territory and collaborate across different creative disciplines.

3D printing is a unique process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Depending on the type of printer and the method it uses, objects may be printed in various materials and colors. The first step is making a digital model, which is then sent to the printer and it starts working. All 3D printing technologies are in essence an additive manufacturing process – objects are built up in a great many thin layers of material. The applications and implications of 3D printing are immense – in architecture, medicine, the automobile industry, engineering, art, design and many other spheres of life and science.

3D Happiness is the name of the showroom and lab where B2N model and create objects using the most efficient 3D printing technologies. They are also official resellers of all printers and scanners available in the lab.

Plovediv -first floor

3 Kurtevich St, Kapana

19 - 28 June 11:00 am - 7:00 pm (Mn - Sn)

Special event

19.06. 18:00

24.06. 18:00