- a creative studio for graphic design

- France

Acmé Paris are Elodie Mandray and Caroline Aufort. Not so long ago they launched a creative studio to play with graphic design. They like to toy with codes, symbols and graphic tools, drawing from the infinite combinations of visual references and turning around the inherent restraints of each project into an experimental playground.

Elodie and Caroline are wizards at visual identity, typography, print and art direction. But, as they put it on their website, Acmé is also “a studio which will do anything”. They are always eager to try out new possibilities.

Acmé Paris place a special emphasis on print because they believe the tactile presentation of graphic design brings on a satisfaction incomparable to the digital. Their portfolio of projects is masterfully crafted, carefully considered and designed with an attitude. Their beautiful works range from projects for big brands such as Lacoste and Louis Vuitton, to independent studios for architecture, fashion or animation, to a literary festival and a national center of music.

Their clients are diverse, yet Acmé Paris definitely have a distinct and classy style. And Paris, the city they work in, has probably played its role as well.

With the support of the French Institute in Bulgaria.