October 16th and 17th

The Forum will roll as a 2-day international conference and will be the only part of the overall event requiring a fee. Within the forum, architects and critics from countries of size, geographic location, and historical background comparable of those of Bulgaria will be discussing various aspects of the core theme: Being Peripheral. Through it, we will be focusing on urban issues and situations where people and up at the periphery- not only in the geographic sense- of the city and city life. One of the basic questions this Forum will consider is whether we can be the centre or whether we can be just as dignified without it? Then, if we learn more about our environment and how it functions, maybe we can change it.

The forum comprises four panels which will be interpreting the meaning and significance of periphery at its various levels:

  1. Centrally European
  2. Emerging Centers.
  3. Central in Periphery.
  4. Bulgarian models.


1. Architect Georgi Katov (I/O Architects)

 Curator of the Sofia Architecture Week 2010 Forum.

2. Hans Ibelings (A10- The Netherlands)


Opening lecture: 16.10.2010- 10.00-10.50 h.

3. Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes- Poland)


Lecture: 16th of October– 10.50-11.40 h.

4. Adrian Soare and Eliza Yokina (Soare& Yokina Architecti Asociati- Romania)


Lecture: 16th October 2010- 12.00-12.50 h. 

5. Jaroslav Wertig (A 69- Czech Republic)


Lecture: 16th October 2010- 12.50-13.40 h. 

6.  Grzgegorz Ostrowski (OFIS- Slovenia)


Lecture: 16th October 2010 – 15.20- 16.10 h. 

7. Andreas Ojari (3+1 architects- Estonia)


Lecture: 16th October 2010- 16.10-17.00 h. 

8. Sasa Begovic (3LHD- Croatia)


Lecture: 16th October, 17.30-18.20 h. 

9. Aneta Bulant (Bulant& Wailzer- Austria/Bulgaria)


Lecture: 17th October 2010- 10.00-10.50h. 

10. Daniela Topalova and Dimitar Slavchev (DSGN Studio- Bulgaria)

Lecture: 17th October 2010- 10.50-11.40 h

11. Atanas Panov (LP Consult- Bulgaria)


Lecture: 17th October 2010- 11.40-12.30 h.

12. Mikko Summanen

K2S Architects- Finland


Lecture: 17th October 2010- 13.30-14.20 h.

13. Filipe Afonso and Vasco Magalhaes (Arquitectos Anonimos- Portugal)


Lecture: 17th October 2010- 14.20-15.10 h. 

14. Nuno Brandao Costa (Portugal)


Lecture: 17th October 2010- 15.40-16.30 h.