AUTO*MAT, Martin Mareček, The Czech Republic

  • 24.11.2013, 21:00-22:00
  • Gramophone

Director/Editor:  Martin Mareček

Producer: Wroclaw Slajer

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Language: Czech with Bulgarian subtitles

AUTO*MAT, The Czech Republic, 2009

Some people protest against their governments, others – to save their parks, and still others – against the cars in their city. Auto*Mat is a documentary about the problems of automobile traffic in Prague and about a movement of protesters raising their voices for the rights of humans in the urban environment . A witty and emotional film, full of all kinds of absurd stories happening to ordinary citizens, politicians, policemen, activists, cyclists. At times it goes like a music video, at other points - more like home video or animation. 


Some years ago director Martin Mareček just wanted to do a film on traffic, parking, conflicts and all innocent and suffering pedestrians and cyclists. But he realized a flick like that would change absolutely nothing.

Then he became an activist. Together with some friends he started the Auto*Mat movement which brought about a string of events, meetings with politicians, seminars. Also, on a certain day each year they held a bicycle parade blocking the busiest city highway in Prague. In the beginning people got arrested, but each year more and more came, until in 2008 the event gathered a 5000-strong crowd. 

The title of the documentary and of the movement – Auto*Mat – is a play on words meaning “check-mate for automobiles”. It holds a deeper connotation however as the film reveals our ideas of what really matters in life. And how automated and cliched these ideas have become. 


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