• 25-29.11.2013
  • Gramophone

Films / 9 series, 25 min. / 25-29.11 / 19/ 21:00


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Language: English


The E2 Design documentary series should be the reference book of all mayors and chief city architects. It tells stories of innovative solutions to urbanistic, social and transportation issues in towns all around the world. And it is narrated by Brad Pitt, we should mention. We’ll see for example how in just three years one mayor made Bogota, home to 7 million souls, a city for people, not for cars. And how a well-designed urban environment can curb crime rates and make the poor a bit more happy.


25.11, Monday, 21:00

Super use (S3E06)


26.11, Tuesday, 21:00

A garden in Cairo (S3E01)

Adaptive reuse in the NL (S2E05)


27.11, Wednesday, 21:00

Bogota: building a sustainable city (S2E03)

Melbourne reborn (S3E03)


28.11, Thursday, 21:00

Gray to green (S1E04)

China: from red to green (S1E05)


29.11, Friday, 19:00

New Orleans: the water line (S3E05)

Green for all (S1E02)