Contemporary Norwegian Architecture, vol.7 /Norway/

  • 21.11-15.12, 21.11/18:30
  • SAMCA, Sofia

The travelling exhibition “Contemporary Norwegian Architecture, part 7” (we’ve missed the previous six) has been touring the globe since 2011. It started out in Brazil, it visited Cuba, and Bulgaria is now the sixth European country to welcome it. The exhibition displays the best of Norwegian architecture created between 2005 and 2010 – from small houses to public buildings to infrastructure and urban planning.


The projects are grouped in several categories – housing, installation, “new in old”, cultural agencies, education and schools, recreation and outdoor, projects developed outside Norway. It includes 31 individual works and two collective presentations – passive houses by Steinsvik Architects and Norwegian national tourist routes.

The seventh exhibition in the series concludes the ambitious initiative of the National Museum and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to present Norwegian architecture from 1968 up to the present. A good example how architecture works as national PR and not only attracts tourist cameras, but is triumphantly touring the world.

We wonder whether enough quality Bulgarian architectural samples can be found from the Socialist era up to the present (Bulgarian Revival houses do not count). And if there would be just one smart institution to exhibit them properly and send them on a world tour.


Exhibition: 21.11-15.12

Opening: 21.11, 18:30

SAMCA, Sofia

Kindly supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design and the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture