20 under 36 /Bulgaria/

  • 22.11-1.12, 24.11/11:00
  • Kniaz ALexander I str.

Twenty projects by architects under 36 will be displayed on the main pedestrian street in Plovdiv. The theme is “Future City”. The purpose of the exhibition is to support the generation which is yet to establish itself on the Bulgarian architectural scene and which has still not drowned in compromised investment building.


The exhibition is also kind of an open competition, inviting all Bulgarian architects, urbanists and landscape architects under 36 to submit their works by November 4. SAW 2013 curators Orlin Manolov and Pavel Yanchev will then select 20 projects to be exhibited in downtown Plovdiv.

Two of the participants will win the BGBC award - two courses in 2014 in the internationally recognized "Green Building Professional" system.

The title is a play on words with the popular 40 under 40 architectural awards and with the meaning of the expression “young architect”.  In a conservative profession such as architecture “young” is a term that applies to architects under 40. The construction boom however led to a collapse of the age boundary (and of many other boundaries as well). Architectural stars under 30 rose (typical case – BIG). That’s why SAW 2013 took as an upper limit the nonround number 36.

And finally, in the spirit of all cliches, we can exclaim: Let the war of the generations begin! (We are joking.)

Exhibition: 22.11-1.12

Opening: 24.11 (11:00)

Kniaz ALexander I str., in front of the Municipality building

Partners - the Bulgarian Green Building Council, BGBC