Failed Architectural Competitions - Plovdiv

  • 22.11-1.12, 23.11/18.00

The most serious problem of architectural competitions in Bulgaria is that they are offensively few. And the ones which do take place usually share the same miserable destiny – they either fail without a winner, or the winner does not get to realize their project. Our failed competitions are a topic we must talk about unceasingly. They will be in the spotlight of Sofia Architecture Week once again this year with a discussion and an exhibition of projects developed for architectural competitions in Plovdiv, yet never realized for one reason or another.


Every architect, regardless of their age and occupation, and even the chief city architect of Sofia, will tell you that architectural competitions should exist, as they are the road to better architecture. Competiton is good also for private investment projects, but when it comes to public spaces used by the entire community, it is a must.


Public architecture needs public debate if it is to survive in time. Poetically speaking, it should be facing the present, the past and the future all at once in order to be relevant to its function and to the needs of its occupants. The architectural competition is one of the instruments for producing quality public architecture through transparency and debate. It’s purpose is to broaden debate on the problems of both the building in particular and the building in the context of the city as a whole.


We hope that both the exhibiton and the discussion will illuminate the topic. And that eventually “the failed competitions” will be replaced by “the successful competitions”.   


Opening and discussion: 23.11/18.00
Exhibition: 22.11-1.12

Where: Kino Kosmos