М.А.H.А.L.А. 2.0 /Bulgaria/

  • workshop 9.11
  • exhibition 22.11-1.12
  • Kino Kosmos

There are some neighborhoods where people build their homes with their own hands. M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0 is a platform which allows the inhabitants to design the environment they would like to live in. It is powered by a specially created online software, quite similar to a computer game. It is the brainchild of AWARE studio and it was born out of their belief that everyone should be able to create a space which corresponds and adapts to their way of life. Not the other way around. The results will be exhibited at SAW 2013.  


M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0 goes through 3 stages:


1. Arch-hackaton (from architecture + hacking + marathon) – a three-day event where software engineers, game developers, graphic designers and architects work together to develop a fully functional prototype of the software which will later be offered to users to design their own environment. The software will employ the principles of modern computer gaming and social networks.


2. A single-day workshop where we play out the actual process of recruiting inhabitants and engaging them in the creation their own environment with the Arch-hackton software.


3. The results of the workshop will be displayed at SAW 2013 in an exhibition of 3D printing models plus an interactive video presentation telling visitors all about M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0 and inviting them to “enter” it.


The poject targets various groups of city dwellers, all searching for their urban space – kids, working people, retired people, business companies and even local authorities.

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Workshop: 9.11/10-20.00

Exhibition: 22.11-1.12 / Kino Kosmos

Introduction: 24.11, 15:00 / House of Culture

Kindly supported by Coherent:Labs, Imperia Online, Unity Technologies, dontDIY, Copycom, studio Projectirane