Urban Victims /Bulgaria/

  • workshop 1.11/11.30
  • exhibition 22.11-1.12
  • Kino Kosmos

Urban Victims is a workshop for urban interventions with chief commanders Cache Atelie. Their new target is the Kapana neighbourhood in Plovdiv, the aim is to reshape its architectural environment. To that end the participants develop provocative architectural installations and then observe the reactions of inhabitants and passers-by. The project starts in mid October in Kosmos Cinema and concludes with an exhibition and installations. 


The teams are headed by architects Mila Ivanova, Tsvetomir Pavlov and Raicho Dimitrov. The three of them make Cache Atelie.


Their urban victims are places which either have not developed their full potential, or do not function to their full capacity due to random urban planning or the political circumstances. The Urban Victims initiative tries to attract attention to these places, to demonstrate their potential, and to generate ideas for their future.


Workshop / 19.10 – 16.11; Kino Kosmos

Exhibition / 22.11 - 1.12; Kino Kosmos, installations in Kapana neighbourhood

Presentation / 24.11 / 14:00; House of Culture