Eco Graffiti for Future City

The Eco Graffiti for Future City workshop will be delivered by Serbia’s Proces Architecture. They will demonstrate how to leave a mark on the city using some really transitory means – namely by “planting” moss graffiti on the walls. Proces Architecture focus also on educating kids about space through the means of architecture, but that’s another topic to which they will dedicate a special talk.  

The workshop will change the face of our urban environment in a fun and nature-friendly way, engaging youngsters in the process. Instead of “painting” the teenagers will be given the task of “greening” empty walls. That’s how the boring facades in town can become less in number and greater in appearance.

The eco graffiti workshop will start with a presentation of some of the moss graffiti that have already been planted in various parts of the world, followed by a demonstration of the technique. Then the participants will prepare the soil mixture and will “plant” the graffiti they have designed on the place of their choice.


When: 24.11 / 11-13.00

Where: House of Culture

Age: 12-18 years old