Proces Architecture

  • 24.11, 17:00-18:00

Biljana Branković and Bratislav Branković of Serbia’s Proces Architecture use the craft in the most noble of ways – to educate children about space and the environment. They come to SAW 2013 to give a talk about their work, to throw a workshop for kids and to demonstrate how they play architecture.


In the last few years Proces Educational Architecture (as is the full name of the Serbian organization) have undertaken the specific pedagogical task of instilling spatial culture and esthetic literacy through the means of architecture. They give their best to provoke kids’ curiosity and to stimulate their spatial awareness.  

And if that’s beginning to sound like a hackneyed report by the Socialist Committee for Culture, think again. People who have been raised to think of space and its esthetic will most probably not be an easy public for authorities who try to impose unesthetic solutions in their city. 

In 2012 Proces Architecture turned their ideas into tools and created the archiPlay brand for architectural toys. Their sets of patterns allow for endless combinations among various types of contemporary buildings and seem to be a damn good Christmas present, we should say.


When: 24.11, 17:00-18:00

Where: House of culture