In and out of the context

  • I/O Architects
  • 25.11-7.12, 25.11/19.00
  • Rayko Alexiev Gallery

For the last ten years I/O Architects have been remarkably persistent in their efforts to produce contemporary architecture on the borderline between global and local. And to do it in Bulgaria. Their retrospective “In and out of Context” presents a selection of their projects from the past decade and sums up their philosophy of gentle, conscious and prudent interaction with the world we live in. 

Viara Jeliazkova and Georgi Katov started out 10 years ago with a hotel reconstruction in Bansko (Villa Roka, completed in 2004). They pushed forward with one of the most philosophical retreat houses in new Bulgarian architecture (the so called Stone House in the village of Glojene). And they keep walking without any compromises. No wonder they have a reserved place in all kinds of exhibitions, international publications and selections showcasing the bright side of contemporary architecture.

Typical of their style “In and out of Context” will be arranged in one of the most inconspicuous, yet cosmopolitan exhibition spaces in Sofia – Rayko Alexiev Gallery. At the opening night a monograph remarking I/O ‘s 10th anniversary will be presented as well.


When: 25.11-07.12, opening 25.11/19.00

Where: Rayko Alexiev Gallery