• 23.11, 16:00-17:00

All of a sudden in September 2013 a building appeared in Bulgaria totally worthy of architectural tourism. It is the Palaeontological Museum in the Rhodopi village of Dorkovo. This simple domed building could just as well stand by some Norwegian fiord, but here we find it between Velingrad and the Batak Reservoir. And we can only rejoice. On November 23 Yavor Iordanov, the architect of the building, will tell us more.


The excavation site near Dorkovo, of which few people in Bulgaria have heard, turns out be really famous with European paleaontologists as one of the milestones marking the beginning of the Pliocene epoch in Eastern Europe. The first Bulgarian-French excavations were carried out 30 years ago with the support of the National Museum of Natural History.

As of today the finds have already been described and exhibited in the new museum. Scientists, painters and restorers have given their best in making ancient times popular and comprehensible even by little kids. Museum visitors can “walk around” the Pliocene forrest while a four-meter-tall sculpture of Mastodon anancus overwhelms the place.

All this prehistoric scenery could hardly find a better exhibition space than the minimalist wooden building of the museum. Its author says that its shape was inspired by the “sacred nature of the exposition”. To what extent the mystic origin was actually instrumental in designing such a cosmopolitan building, we’ll find out at SAW 2013.


When: 23.11, 16:00-17:00

Where: House of Culture

Kindly supported by Dorkovo village, Rakitovo municipality