• 26.11, 19:00-20:00

OBIA is an unexpected mix ot three architects from different generations: Nikolay Ostrev, Slavin Baylov and Vladislav Ignatov (the youngest one). OBIA seldom appear in the spotlight and that’s another reason why their presentation at SAW 2013 is not one you’d like to miss. They will talk about some of their signature buildings, starting with the ice rink in Bansko.


OBIA rose to prominence because they managed to do adequate “Europeanoid” buildings in a Bulgarian ski resort which has hypebolized beyond recognition the “interpretation” of traditional Bulgarian architecture. The ice rink and the ski rental in Bansko are two of the most meaningful buildings in new Bulgarian resort architecture whatsoever. It’s real pity OBIA have still not realized a hotel over there.  


OBIA like to flirt with parametric architecture and to experiment with CAM technologies in the execution of wooden details for example (in Bansko at that). They respect high technologies and energy efficiency. They say they do not follow any particular style, they’d rather let every project take its shape spontaneously in response to the place and task they have been assigned. Worthy of mention is their treatment of materials – they always use them in such a way as to allow them to “manifest their core characteristic”. And they never imitate.  


To cut it short – they are the best of three worlds.


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When: 26.11, 19:00-20:00
Where: House of Culture