• 28.11, 19:00

Studio 8½ is one of the good things that have happened to Plovdiv (and Bulgaria) in the last couple of years. The young architectural practice designed the instant hit |CON|Temporary Library – a temporary installation in the Bania Starinna Center for Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, and initiated the competition for Kosmos Cinema. At SAW 2013 the studio will present their projects.

Studio 8½ was created almost as a joke (as its founders confess) in 2010. Its focus is Plovdiv and the city’s urban planning issues. One of its main objectives is to design innovative and provocative temporary buildings and installations which bring up or solve specific problems. The studio also pays considerable attention to important issues related to the urban environment and to Plovdiv’s architectural history and memory. It is part of the team behind the Alternative Map of Plovdiv – a tourist guide to the different, unknown and uncharted city.

Meanwhile last year the studio’s |CON|Temporary Library won the A+ architectural award from Architizer.com in the Pop-ups category. And they will be launching their product design line any time now.       


When: 28.11, 19:00

Where: House of Culture