Plovdiv Central Square

  • 29.11, 19:00 - 21:00

The Municipality of Plovdiv has embarked on a mission to refute public opinion that all public spaces in Bulgaria are poorly designed, while municipal money is being wasted in utter nonsense and lack of transparency. That’s why the Municipality chose to join efforts with Sofia Architecture Week in organizing an international competition for Central Square in Plovdiv, to be announced in late November during the festival.


The Plovdiv authorities have realized that the best PR any new public space can enjoy is the act of realizing it through a well-grounded competitive process of selection. Central Square in Plovdiv, on the other hand, is a complicated and troubled place where one can find most of the historical and architectural layers the city prides itself on – archeological excavations, a Socialist party building, a Modernistic post office, a bourgeois park and a number of transportation conflicts (missng only the Bulgarian Revival houses, it seems).

The purpose of the competition is not limited to renovation of the square. It will also strive to create a strategy how all these layers can consolidate into one active, functioning, attractive and uncompromising contemporary space. An ambitious further goal would be for that strategy to multiply and spread over to conflict areas scattered throughout Plovdiv, where the old clashes with the new.

The international competition for Central Square is part of the strategy of the Municipality of Plovdiv for developing a successful candidature for European Capital of Culture 2019.


Announcement and discussion:

Kindly supported by The Municipality of Plovdiv, WhAT Association