Earth Building, Varvara Valtchanova

  • 26.11 / 18:00
  • House of Culture

Varvara Valtchanova has been a resident of the Netherlands since 2005, but each summer she comes back to Bulgaria to run an international archiectural camp for alternative building techniques in the Rhodope Mountains. She joins SAW 2013 to present her book “Earth Building” which talks about building with earth – a millenia-old tradition in our lands.


Varvara Valtchanova grew up in Bulgaria and Algeria and graduated in architecture in Grenoble, France, in 2002. She specialized in earth building at the International Centre on Earthen Architecture (CRAterre) in Grenoble.


During her student years Varvara worked as a builder-plasterer for Akterre, a company which specializes in the production and distribution of earthen building materials. And this is where she discovered earth building. She then probed deeper at CRAterre, joined international and European projects in Central Asia, Africa and Europe, and eventually published her book “Earth Building” as a result of the experience gained.


At her presentation Varvara will speak about earth as a centuries-old building material, but also about the parallels between the geology of a certan terrain, the qualities of the local soils and the various construction techniques. You will get loads of information on how earthen materials are extracted, tested and prepared, what kinds of earthen building techniques are used in Bulgaria, as well as some useful tips and tricks on preserving old buildings.


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When: 26.11 / 18:00

Where: House of Culture