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Austrian Michael Zinganel is an architecture theorist, a cultural historian, an artist and a curator. He has taught and researched academically the architecture of Vienna, Graz and Bauhaus Dessau. If you ask us – we can’t wait for his latest project – a book on the seaside resorts architecture of the socialist era in Bulgaria and Croatia, hitting bookstores in 2013.


Holidays after the Fall – Seaside Architecture and Urbanism in Bulgaria and Croatia traces the fate of seaside resorts during Socialism in two of the most sunny countries from the Eastern Bloc. Particular attention is paid to the conflicts which befall these creations of socialist modernism after the change of system.

Analytical exercises of that kind are already a routine for Michael Zinganel – co-founder and head of the independent research institute Tracing Spaces, based in Vienna since 2012.. After all, a man who did his dissertation on the topic of Real Crime: The Productivity of Crime for Architecture and Urban Design can hardly disappoint us.

At SAW 2013 Michael Zinganel will deliver a talk at the What’s Next? discussion panel and will present his book Holidays after the Fall.

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When: 01.12, 12:00-13:00

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