• 01.12.2013, 13:00-14:00
  • Analog/Digital

ZSK Architects are a small Hungarian practice. They are really good at winning competitions and they believe good architecture is all about context and definitely not for the pure sake of architectural style. At SAW 2013 ZSK’s co-founder László Kalmár will speak at the Analog/Digital panel. The Hungarians will also exhibit five models of signature ZSK projects.


ZSK Architects was founded by László Kalmár и Zsolt Zsuffa in 2000. Since then they have distinguished themselves in more than 15 national and international competitions. The majority of their most popular buildings are actually the result of a competition they won. ZSK Architects define themselves as a local studio, and it is true they work mostly in Hungary. That’s not something to prevent them from achieving global recognition though. Their buildings have been published in most of the popular architectural blogs and in some of the good magazines.   


ZSK produce thoughtful and contained architecture. Their portfolio ranges from reconstruction of an old castle (national competition, first prize), to a three-storey beauty center, to a center for air navigation services in Budapest (national competition, first prize). Most of these projects will be shown at their exhibition at SAW 2103. More information here.


Language: English with Bulgarian translation

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When: 01.12, 13:00-14:00

Where: House of culture