The topic of Sofia Architecture Week 2013 Future city will be presented by three panels:


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Vol.II

Overconsumption of resources and generating waste is prevalent in cities. To be critical of this state, we revert to the popular slogan reducereuserecycle, but not to turn it into a restrictive imperative. With it, we seek to open discussion on how, where and to what extent we can apply “the reduce, reuse, recycle” principle in architecture and urbanism. This panel focuses on various alternative concepts for more effective consumption of material and non-material resources in the city.

Digital / Analog

Cities are built over thousands of years of traditions and culture, and technologies which date back to ‘only’ the recent 50-100 years. The panel explores the balance between the wisdom of human growth and the potential in applying the latest technologies in architecture and urbanism.

What’s Next?

What concepts and methods stand out ahead of their time in architecture and urbanism? Who are the people who believe in them and try to make them popular? Which are the cities that have enough political bravery to dare do the first step? In this panel we focus on courageous urban concepts and the new models of urban planning.

Each of the panel comprises presentations, exhibitions, discussions, films, workshops and other forms of content.