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The Norwegians of Atelier Oslo have obviously discovered the secret recipe for winning architectural competitions. Since their establishment in 2006 until now the studio has collected seven first prizes in international contests. One of their finished projects was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award and triumphs all over architectural blogs and magazines.


The practice was founded by Jonas Norsted (1973), Marius Mowe (1973), Nils Ole Bae Brandtzaeg (1975) and Thomas Liu (1978) – all graduates of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Their eccentric Lantern pavilion, made of wood and glass in downtown Sandnes (in collaboration with France’s AWP), is the first competition they won and also the reason for forming the studio. After it was built, it was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe award in 2009 and recently it was published in the prestigious Japanese A+U magazine. Their distinguished competition projects range in scale from small pavilion to museum, hotel, park and urban planning. In 2011 they won the contest for new central library in Oslo (in collaboration with Lund Hagem and Agence Ter). Besides being restless on the competition trail, Atelier Oslo also design big houses, villas and small art installations.

At SAW 2013 Atelier Oslo will present one of their installations and will speak at the What’s Next? discussion panel. 

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