SOFIA DANCE WEEK (5 - 19 October) is an international festival for contemporary dance, which will have its 6th edition this year. The program consists of performances from Europe, Asia and America representative for different trends in the contemporary dance scene. The parallel programme consists of workshops, ateliers, open air events, lectures, projections and discussions, as well as a special kids module with performances and workshops.
SOFIA DANCE WEEK starts in 2008. Its goal is to present the most interesting phenomena in the contemporary dance practices, the newest and the most established names in the field. Educational modules for professionals and amateurs are aimed at stimulating the local scene and environment and at developing new audiences. Part of the forum mission is to involve art orientated potential urban public into experiencing this artistic form which gains more and more popularity worldwide.
Among the artists who have performed at SOFIA DANCE WEEK are Pierre Rigal (France), Liquid Loft (Austria), Thomas Noone Dance (Spain), Ivo Dimchev (Bulgaria), Hiroaki Umeda (Japan), Compagnie Alias (Switzerland), Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus (Belgium), Del Revés (Spain), Compagnie 111/ Aurélien Bory (France), Gauthier Dance (Germany), Brice Leroux (Belguim), etc.