Design is all around. It is in the toothbrush, in the taps and in the glass of water. In those comfy sneakers, the bag over the shoulder and the good old jeans. In the street plates, the bench on the sidewalk and the newspaper’s font. In the yoghurt package, the bicycle and the steel cutlery… Every day everyone of us uses hundreds of objects. No matter whether we pay conscious attention to their shapes, functions and esthetics, no matter whether we take active interest in design, the latter is a tangible presence in our life, influencing and changing it.

Sofia Design Week 2011 will set out to prove the above statement by breaking the everyday into its constituting elements of design. The program will be rich, intriguing and spread all over town. Plain and simple, through various examples we shall demonstrate how design solves problems, makes life easier, adds a flavor to the world, and expresses the true self of its consumer as much as it expresses the one of its creator.

We keep on working for a real change in the environment we inhabit, we strive to leave a sustainable trace everywhere we go, and we hope to inspire and bring together people who share common passion for design. More than ever we believe in the power of good ideas to move the world.