The Hand Written Letter Project

  • exhibition graphic design
  • 1-8 june
  • Sklada

The Hand.Written.Letter.Project was initiated by British graphic designer Craig Oldham in 2007 after a conversation about how personal a hand-written letter can be: a fact that is largely forgotten today in a tide of depersonalisation, with junk mail and automated correspondence, email, text, status updates and tweets.

The ongoing project extended an invitation to designers and creative thinkers to simply write and make known their thoughts posed by this situation: in handwritten form and on their stationery. Each letter Craig received was scanned and published on the project's website. A book was published and a travelling exhibition was launched in London in 2011.

The exhibition showcases some of that correspondence, containing the handwriting and the thoughts of some of the biggest and best designers from all over the world - Wimim Crouwel, Milton Glaser, Ian Anderson from the Designers Republic, Daniel Eatock, Phillippe Apeloig, Erik Kessels from KesselsKramer, Tony Brook from Spin, Steven Heller, Stefan Sagmeister, Mike Dempsey and many more.


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