Rianne Makkink / Studio Makkink & Bey

  • Product design and architecture
  • the Netherlands
  • 3 june
  • National Palace of Culture

Rianne Makkink is an architect and professor at the Academy of Design in Eindhoven. She is known for her unwavering faith in craft traditions.

Jurgen Bey is a designer. He is known for his research interest in everything from urban planning to the way people queue.
Makkink & Bey is a studio founded in 2002 in Rotterdam. It is known for unique works that are both progressive and poetic.
The studio is housed in an old industrial building, allowing for the production process to take place on the spot.
The design team operates as one entity and includes experts of various disciplines ranging from fashion, design and architecture. The cross-wiring between the different areas of expertise is essential at every stage of the working process.
Their portfolio lists a variety of projects - from product design in public spaces, architecture and design exhibitions to projects related to applied arts.
Among their clients are: Vitra, Jean Paul Gaultier and Sketch. They have worked with Droog Design.
Makkink & Bey's works can be seen at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
They call their approach analytical design and they claim that it is vital for the formation of a new type of culture.
At the same time Makkink & Bey strongly believe in crafts and handmade objects they and fight to prove that they have a place in contemporary design.

Rianne's talk title is ManuFACTory



National Palace of Culture
hall 2
Bulgaria №1 Square

the forum starts at 11am
registration 10am-11am