Teemu Suviala/Kokoro & Moi

  • graphic design
  • Finland
  • 2 june
  • National Palace of Culture

Teemu Suviala is a designer from Finland, and so is Antti Hinkula. The two of them founded Kokoro & Moi.

Kokoro & Moi is a creative agency delivering progressive concepts and ideas for the future. Their focus is on brand identity, art direction and design. Their offices are in Helsinki, but they also operate in New York and Tokyo.
Their international clientele represents a broad range of commercial players from multinationals to start-ups, as well as a variety of cultural and public institutions - such as Amnesty International, the City of Helsinki, Converse, L'Oreal, MTV3, Muji, New York Magazine, Nokia, Puma, Sony, Toyota, Uniqlo, World Design Capital Helsinki, the Finland Post Corporation, the Finnish National Theatre, etc.
Kokoro & Moi started in 2001. Fresh out of university Antti and Teemu left for New York to look for jobs but bumped into people with whom they decided to start right away. As they said in an interview for It's Nice That: "We never thought we were good enough, we thought we were amazingly brilliant.".
At first they called their enterprise Syrup Helsinki. As a result, sometime in 2003 they received a letter from a Tehran farmer who wanted to negotiate about syrup making.
Later they changed their name to Kokoro & Moi. In Japanese kokoro means heart/mind/soul and stands for one of our first clients in Japan. Moi is Finnish for hello/bye’ as well as a tribute to Norwegian celebrity chef Trond Moi. This combination reflects the studio's design philosophy - connecting distant ideas to make something interesting.
Kokoro & Moi's first retrospective exhibition took place in 2009 in Tokyo and Shanghai under the name Air Current/Past. It revolved around a paper airplane workshop using printed exhibition material. It was lead by with Mr. Takuo Toda, a local aerogami expert and the holder of the world record for the longest paper plane flight.

The title of his talk is Open, Blend - Practice and projects as platforms for mixing things up. The importance of embracing surprises and random events.



National Palace of Culture
hall 2
Bulgaria №1 Square

the forum starts at 11am
registration 10am-11am


Teemu Suviala photo by Jussi Särkilahti