Peter Bilak

  • typography and graphic design
  • the Netherlands
  • 2 june
  • National Palace of Culture

Peter Bilak was born in Czechoslovakia, but today he lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
He graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, where he currently teaches part-time.
As a student back in Czechoslovakia in the 80s, Bilak would often get frustrated by the fact that his language was not supported by many typefaces - even though it's a Latin-based script, "all the accents weren’t available for Czechoslovak,” he said in an interview for the New York-based Metropolis Magazine in January this year. “I had to make my own letters to complete the fonts.” 
Later on Peter also created fonts in Russian and Greek, but his big break came when he developed a font in Arabic - a language he never spoke.
One of Peter's key projects is the Typotheque. Based in 1999 it was the first foundry in the world to license its entire font collection for the Internet. To protect them, fonts are hosted on remote cloud servers, and a license enables users to access the fonts instead of downloading them entirely.
Another signature project that Bilak is involved in is the Indian Type Foundry founded in 2009. It was the first company to develop and distribute digital fonts in India - given that there are over 100 languages and 12 scripts used in the country.
Additionally, Bilak regularly contributes to various design related magazines and collaborates on the creation of modern dance performances.

The topic of his talk is The Meaning of Life And Two Other Things I Learned.


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