Radim Peško

  • typography
  • the Netherlands
  • 2 june
  • National Palace of Culture

Radim Peško is a graphic designer currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
He studied in Prague (the Academy of Arts ) and in London. In 2004 he graduated with an MA degree from the prestigious Dutch typography school Werkplaats Typografie in Arnhem.
He started a small scale digital type-foundry in 2009 under the name Radim Peško. The foundry is focused on the development of fonts that are both formally and conceptually distinctive. 
Radim Peško's work focuses on typography as an intersection of technologies and language, type design, and occasional exhibition projects. It also shows sense of humour. 
Contacted by the Bulgarian designers from Poststudio, last year Radim Pesco made a Bulgarian version of the Russian cyrillic font Fugue - especially for One Magazine. 
He is a regular contributor to various publications including Dot Dot Dot magazine (founded by Peter Bilak - also on the list of this year's speakers at Sofia Design Week 2012 ). He also teaches at Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

The title of his talk is Dear Sir/Madam



National Palace of Culture
hall 2
Bulgaria №1 Square

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