Color me

  • Curator: Vicky Knysh/Design and construction: Peter Zaharinov

  • Bulgaria

  • 21-30 June, Serdika Mall


Who is it?

Coloring books are never enough, their pages end too soon and the space is too small for an artist to run wild. Vicky Knysh gets together a group of experienced illustrators (see links below).


What is it?

Animals, cities, creatures, behicles, clouds, butterflies on the walls and floors of the space – 6 illustrators will draw new black-and-white worlds waiting to be colored in with small and bigger brushes. This time it will be necessary to get dirty, roll around and color in the world around(no paint, they will use markers).


When is it?

June 21-30


Where is it?

Serdika Mall, Sofia

Participants: all ages

Admission: free


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Yasen Zgurovski

Dmitrii Yagodin

Liliya Bardenova

Evgeniya Nikolova

Siyana Zaharieva

Asya Koleva

Vicky Knysh


Exhibition design: Petar Zaharinov

Credit: Vicky Knysh