Baraka Lab. Georgi Stoilov. Ivana Stoichkova

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Ogosta House accommodates the works of four young and promising designers. Mihail Varbanov and Borislav Ginov, united under the label Baraka Lab, are currently graduating Interior and Spatial Design at New Bulgarian University. As they like experimenting with redesign and recycling, you can see two of their projects made with found objects – the chair Tyre and the clock Sign. Georgi Stoilov just finished his study in Architecture at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia and is currently based in Plovdiv. His reading lamp Molly was crafted with a lot of care and dedication, as the design is inspired by his own pug, and wood is his preferred material to work with. Last but not least comes Ivana Stoichkova's combo furniture Dual C for wine and books which was inspired by this year's Balkan Date topic. Alumna of the Art College in Sofia and New Bulgarian University, Ivana is an experienced photographer and graphic designer but recently discovered her passion for furniture design, especially hand-made and with a lot of personal touch.


Ogosta House, 5 Ogosta St. 

mon-fri: 8am-10pm, sat-sun: 9am-10pm

Baraka Lab


Georgi Stoilov

Ivana Stoichkova