New Bulgarian Typography

  • exhibition graphic design

In the beginning there was the Word... No matter how exploited this expression, it is still relevant, because in our culture language is much more than a medium for communication, especially in the shadow of the modern Tower of Babel, established by the globalization and new technologies. What happens to the words, however, when they appear on paper, on the wall, at package labeling, or in Internet? What is the functional correlation between Bulgarian graphic design and letters nowadays? These topics attacks Kiril Zlatkov who has been working in various fields of visual art for years, yet, text for him requires special attention. This is why for the exhibition New Bulgarian Typography he selected around 20 artists from different generations who create thanks to and for the language. The show features Ilya Gruev, as well as renowned specialists, such as Philip Popoff (Gold winner at San Francisco International Wine Competition) and half of Art Directors Club Bulgaria's managing board. Nevertheless, there is an important focus on the promising youth experimenting with calligraphy, like Kossio Kokalanov, and even designing new typefaces, like TypeDepot or Ivan Hristov.


VIVACOM Art Hall, 4 Gen. Yosiv V. Gurko str.

Mon-Sun 10am-7pm

Opening: 26 June, 7.30 pm