New Folklore

  • exhibition fashion and crafts from Serbia

Under the slogan “Old crafts, eternal inspiration”, the exhibition New Folklore features more than 30 artists who interpret the long tradition of decorative and applied arts in Serbia through the modern prism of individual originality. With the help of artisans, historians or ethnologists, the participants created pieces of clothing, handmade shoes, jewelry, handbags, bedding, design prototypes of ceramic tiles and wallpapers, cosmetics, food, and even an alarm clock. The author of the project is Ljudmila Stratimirović, artistic director of the European Centre for Culture and Debate GRAD, who decided to develop further her well-known initiative Takeaway Fashion (Moda za poneti). In addition, she planned New Folklore as a traveling show that should work at an international level and on an annual basis. The exhibition was already presented during the EXIT festival in Novi Sad in 2012 and at the Supermarket fair in Stockholm in February 2013. New Folklore's graphic identity was done by Monica Lang.

Atelier National Academy of Arts

21 June - 7 to 10 pm

21 - 23 June, 10am-10pm