More than a Bike

  • exhibition of Bulgarian design of bicycles

Bulgarian designers have been excited about bicycles ever since the end of the XIX century with the appearance of the first local model, called “Spider”. The exhibition More than a Bike demonstrates what is the process of bicycle's invention and manufacturing nowadays – from the idea through the prototype to the product, ready to be used by the final customer. The show's visitors have the opportunity to see also turned-down versions of the exhibited models, as an example for the challenge to create a completely new and innovative product that at the same time is practical and suitable for the urban environment conditions. As you can make sure, the authors took pleasure in dreaming big for a world in which little by little the bicycle replaces the automobile as a quick, effective and green vehicle, so their works look bravely into the future, without the apprehension of being functional and avant-garde at the same time.

Curator of the exhibition is Valentin Vodev, winner of the prestigious Red Dot award for conceptual design from 2009, and among the participants you can recognize names such as Martin Angelov with Kolelinia, Martin Naydenov with his Spear Trike, Diko Dikov with five models with a specially patented propelling system, Tsvetan Kirov with the small folding crossover Combino, as well as the notorious Drag series Kink, 29er and Firebird.

You can find the designer's videos in our youtube channel here.

Fabrika 126, 2nd floor, 126 Maria Luiza Blvd. 

mon-sun: 10am-8pm

Opening: 28 June, 7 pm

Kolelinia tests with Martin Angelov: June 27, 28, 29 and 30 at 17:00


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