Visegrad Designers Transform Kapana
Six distinguished designers from Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia will arrive in mid June in Kapana, Plovdiv in order to transform it with their work for the duration of the festival ONE DESIGN WEEK.
These are Studio Ganszyniec from Warsaw,  Allt Studio from Bratislava and Martin Žampach and Tomas Kubata from Prague.
They will work together for four consecutive days on a site-specific project. Their task will be
to execute their ideas only with found in Kapana things, old or new – chairs in derelict houses, thrown away posters or books, textiles and ironmongery from the few working local shops, etc. This will be a mix between available materials, stamina and imagination. What they invent as a final result of this working process as function and representation is not bound to any requirement. It could be anything –  a magazine/book/web site, t-shirt, poster, souvenir, installation for street concerts, a piece of jewelry or a fruit bowl. Each participant will interprete the local spirit through their own talent and background. The project is not just an experiment and a voyage of materials, but also a profound, emotional search as to what it means to work and survive in Kapana as a true nomad.
The primary focus is the multidisciplinary collaborative work between designers from the Visegrad region. In their endeavors, they will be supported by local inhabitants and designers. Together they will put an exhibition that will be open on 20 June as part of ONE DESIGN WEEK. On 21 June the Visegrad designers will present their work in front of the local and international audience of the festival.
The project is kindly supported by the Visegrad Fund.