EDNO is a platform for contemporary culture that organizes the festivals ONE DESIGN WEEK, ONE DANCE WEEK and ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK. These are among the biggest and most distinguished festival labels in the Balkans working within the fields of design, dance and urban environment.

EDNO was founded in 2002 as an art, culture and lifestyle magazine. Twelve years later, the media boasts more than 100 publications, concerts, parties, exhibitions, actions, the bilingual book The Bulgarian Nouvelle Vague, various national and international competitions, and the festivals Sofia Dance Week, Sofia Architecture Week, Sofia Design Week, Sofia Contemporary and Mellow Music Festival. All of them turn EDNO into a significant and sustained platform which plays an important role in popularizing Bulgarian contemporary culture, both at home and abroad. 

EDNO discovers, selects, and presents innovative artistic projects and the people behind them. The platform promotes and assists the creation of quality cultural content in the fields of design, dance and the performing arts, architecture and urban environment. EDNO bravely rises to every challenge and is always open to ideas that change the world.