Mellow Open Air

RED SNAPPER (UK, Warp Records)
ONRA (France, All City Records)
THE CLONIOUS (Austria, Ubiquity / Affine Records)
EXO (Bulgaria, Mirizma, HMSU)
MENGEME (Bulgaria)
SURBAHAR (Bulgaria, Chill Om Records)
START: 17:00


Red Snapper are a group of pioneers in the development of Acid Jazz and have since the 90’s been creating .a unique sound. Over their 15-year long history they have become an iconic project of the independent record label Warp Records (along with artists like Aphex Twin and Nightmares on Wax), placing them among the undisputed and world-renowned musical explorers who for some reason have skipped the Bulgarian stage. They describe their music as, a combination of “spooky soundscapes, submachine rhythm and bone shaking bass”. They’ll present their latest album (03/2011) – featuring the melancholic singer of UNKLE, Gavin Clark. The album includes for the first time in the band’s history double bass player Ali Friend’s vocals in Architectronic and Great First Touch. The rest of Red Snapper are Rich Thair, David Ayers and Tom Challenger.


Onra is a French hip-hop beat maker of Vietnamese origin. He’s one of the pioneers of the beat scene, an underground movement which developed alongside the dubstep phenomenon, but somehow remains in the shadow. Beat artists do not seek to conquer the club world, but to create a bridge between the classic hip-hop and experimental electronics. His first album “A Hip Hop Tribute to Soul Music” was released in 2006 and got to count on support of BBC Radio 1 legends- Gilles Peterson and Benji B. As the title of the album indicates, Onra has a soul & funk approach to hip-hop and this mixture is refracted through the prism of electronic music. Onra’s most successful album to date is “Chinoiseries”, to whose creation about 30 Chinese and Vietnamese old LPs contributed; a kind of tribute to the native culture of the musician. In 2008 Onra was selected to participate in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy – an annual event bringing together young, talented and innovative artists from around the world. In 2010 he released “Long Distance”, an unforgettable journey through a universe of elegant hip hop beats and classic soul and funk music – considered as one of the best albums in the genre of that year.
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Somewhere between the past and distant future, 23-year-old Austrian Paul Movahedi – The Clonious, is equally strongly influenced by the passions for mathematics, modern rock icons, future jazz, hip-hop, break beat, fusion and architects. He has worked with artists like Alice Russell, producer duo 2 Banks of 4 and the Grammy-nominated Muhsinah. Emotional and powerful, the music of The Clonius repertoire is filled with cosmic sounds and sparkling funk. Ever since his debut album “Between The Dot”s, Movehadi continued developing the combination of new and classic, organic and electronic, introvert and aggressive. “If a normal hip-hop fan and a diehard IDM fan were to like at least one track of the album, then I’m satisfied”, he says. Mission accomplished.
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Technocrat-music -lover, EXo has been around for over 10 years in the underground club scene. Being s sort of ambassador of the dubstep wave in Bulgaria since 2006 to the present day and inherent part HMSU and MIRIZMA, he knows his way along the spectrum of the electronic music world. Exo improvises live with djembe, darbouka and even beatbox in irregular rhythmic structures. He’s presently materialising his interest in futuristic incarnations of the modern drum and bass, discovering new horizons of styles well known to nowadays’ audience.
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SoundCloud EXo



One might know the man behind the alias as Andrei – sound engineer and one of four members of the electro-acoustic experimental jazz project Auditory Ossicles – one of the most interesting, progressive and yet secretive Bulgarian bands since a while now. In Borisova Garden though, he’ll come alone… with a pad controller and an impressive music collection.
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Surbahar (meaning: “a dream”) is a relatively new musical project, inspired by the mystic tradition of India. Front man Pavel Stoychev (Bluba Lu, Yellow music, Tubifex, Band of Mad Women), defines his style as ethno-ambient. His music is “a journey throughout galaxies, past planets and stars lifting up the audience towards a realm of pure spirit”. Surbahar’s first album was released by the Indian label, “Chill Om Records” enthusiastically acclaimed by “Rolling Stone”. Only one year after the successful “The Om Remains the Same”, Surbahar’s new “Passenger of the Galaxy” has hit the streets.
SoundCloud Surbahar
SoundCloud Surbahar